About the contest

Dear teachers,

Be an inspired role model for your students!

The ODS Contest 2014 – 2015 is a challenge for inspired and committed teachers. The teachers should not just create any Learning Scenario; they have to create the most innovative and enhancing scenario for their students. By implementing their scenario they have to challenge the learning process in the classroom, they have to make students interested in a way that serves creativity and knowledge acquisition.

This ODS Contest we have two stages; the National stage and the PanEuropean stage.

At the National stage, teachers have to develop a Learning Scenario for their students in the classroom; meaning a Learning Scenario at the language of the classroom. Teachers are strongly encouraged to develop the Learning Scenario, in their national language, as language should not and is not a barrier in European Union countries.

The ODS Contest requests from the teachers to compete with their peers at national level and then compete with the learning scenario at PanEuropean level.

At the PanEuropean stage of the ODS Contest, only the National Winners are eligible for participation. The level of competition is the ultimate one, as the learning scenarios will be assessed by the National Winners themselves (among equals) and the public.

This time, the ODS Contest will ask the students, the peers, the co-workers and the whole educational community to vote for the best learning scenario.

Therefore, developing a Learning Scenario that is innovative and fosters the new knowledge created by society, is the goal of ODS Contest 2014-2015. We focus our efforts on making the teacher a powerful role model that inspires the new generation.

Our aim is not only to move teaching process to the limelight 

but to have in the limelight the teacher who implements it!